Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Sucks: Part 2

Despite all hopes to the contrary, the forecast for this holiday season is still partly asinine with a chance of SUCK. Listen....people are lining up to watch Twilight movies, OK? The world is not in a good place right now.

Here's a little tip, folks. Vampires do NOT sparkle. Kay? Not any vampires you want to hang around with. Vampires should be covered in the ichor of their prey and they don't need to see a therapist about it, either.

So until Robert Pattinson and the rest of his bedazzled little vaginapires dissapear into some richly deserved obscurity, here's something to put a smile on your face - Deadpool!

If you listen to the show at all, you know that Quincy and I adore Deadpool, or at least the Danny Way ongoing. Issue # 18 just came out on Wednesday and closed out the four part "Want You to Want Me" arc.

So how was it? Off the rails, as per usual! Wade's attempts to be accepted into the X-Fold continue to go horribly wrong. Smartass assassins are not particularly good for public relations, and the X-Men are fed up.

This latest installment features a battle between Deadpool and Colossus that is one for the ages! Of course Wade can't really do much to Osmium plating, but he can certainly put Rasputin back on his wheels with some well placed blood vomiting:

This is why Chronic fans should definitely dig this book!

<-------------- You may recall that we discussed Deadpool in depth during Chronic Insomnia episode # 108 when the arc first kicked off. I went over the character as a model of the "picaresque" anti-hero, who never learns his lesson in order that his audience might. So I didn't put much stock in this "kinder, fuzzier" Wade who wants to belong and re-connect with his humanity. Oh, somewhere in there...he really does. But you'll never see it in this book, or Deadpool loses his edge. Sorry, Wade, but a well-adjusted Deadpool is a soon-to-be-cancelled Deadpool. I knew that Danny Way was aware of this as well, and mentioned that the title of the arc held a clue about Wade's true intentions with new interest in joining the X-Crew. "Want You to Want Me" is an oldie but a goodie by a little band called Cheap Trick:

Not that you'd need to be a genius to figure this out, but I predicted that Wade's need to connect would be revealed as a "cheap trick" at the end of the story.

And voila! While everyone else is busy trying to figure out how to remove Deadpool's head from his body in rage, Wolverine figures out that this has all been a ruse from the beginning designed to resuscitate the public image of the X-Men:

Some might wonder at the end if 'Pool's motivations make sense. He wasn't paid for this. And if his desire to be accepted is all bullshit, why go through all this chaotic rigamarole? The answer is simple, to my mind. A) Wade loves chaotic rigamarole B) This wasn't about money, but he definitely got paid. He just wanted to hear Cyclops admit that he's "got moves."

And if that sounds cheap to you, hey....he tried to warn you!

- Ryan


Irish Mike said...

I have not been the biggest fan of Daniel Way. He's not as shite as Loeb circa 2005, but still pretty poor, nevertheless.

Just check out his Ghost Rider run - hooo boy. Also, his Wolverine Origins run blows goats, as well. However, I'm such a mark for Deadpool, I had to give this series a chance. Good news is: it doesn't suck. It's pretty dang good, actually.

However, you really love Deadpool, you simply MUST read Joe Kelly's run. That is the best take on the character I've ever seen. Unfortunately, the latest Amazing Spider-Man book gave Kelly another shot at Mr. Pool. Not a great issue, damnit.

Chronic Insomnia said...

I'm torn. I love everything Kelly did with that 1997 run, but I never finished a Cable & Deadpool by Nicieza without laughing out loud at least three times. I think Nicieza's run was smarter, too.

And you're right...ASM # 611 was a fizzle. It felt like a reach - almost like Kelly trying to prove he's the most "extreme" Deapool writer instead of letting it flow.

- Ryan

Chronic Insomnia said...

The Daniel Way Deadpool is remarkable to me. I have yet to read a bad issue and he's got that character down cold.