Thursday, January 24, 2008

Johnathon Hickmans, "Pax Romana"

Pax Romana means Roman Peace. Certainly this book is going to explore it's meaning in great depth.

Now lets get something straight here, I don’t really understand this comic book completely. Let’s just say it’s pretty deep. It’s very wordy and if you aren’t paying FULL attention to it, good luck absorbing all of its’ flavor. That being said, the storyline in this comic book is fucking brilliant.

The Roman Catholic Church in the future gets the technology to send a warehouse full of supplies and people back in time to change the events that lead to the downfall of the Catholic Church. WOW! Talk about an interesting topic for a comic book. The Pope as his disciples choose the time of Constantine, during the Roman Empire and send their soldiers and equipment back to change the future.

One thing that might turn some people off about this comic is the structure in which it’s written. It’s not a normal or even semi-normal panel-to-panel style book. Each page is unique to what is displayed on the page itself. This comic book is extremely wordy and a little hard to figure out what is supposed to come before and after a previous sentence or word bubble. This just makes you pay that much more attention to the story and for this book that is a good thing, because it’s quite rich.

I won’t give away anymore about this comic because I really want you to go out and get this comic and give it a read. It will be worth your time and money. If you’re not a person that can wait month-to-month for each issue to come out, you could wait for the trade to come out in a few months. Either way you owe it to yourself to give this book a serious read.

Artwork – 3 stars It’s interesting but often times distracting and difficult to follow.
Storyline – 4 stars This is one hell of a deep book, very wordy however.


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