Tuesday, January 29, 2008

January 29th, 2008 The Rambo Special

Yes you read it right, it's the Rambo Special. This week we have a special guest in the studio. Sly Stallone drops by to tell us all about his new movie. However things go wrong from the start and we never really get to talk to him directly due to his mood.

Once again Mike is having serious bowel issues and on more than one occasion throughout the show, Mike nearly craps his pants. Ryan is shocked and at one point is clearly suffocating from the lack of fresh air. Check out Mikes new hairdo and his manly chest hair.

Ryan and Mike review "She-Hulk" and discuss her relationship with Juggernaut. Did she bang him or not? We don't really answer this, but we talk about it.

Wizard is the "Whore Of The Week".


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