Thursday, October 6, 2011

Market Spotlight!

What's caught my attention this week?  Some really good stuff heating up, that's what...

Secret Six Vol 2:  Depths
DC Comics
ISBN:  1401225995
SRP:     $14.99
Amazon Min:   $35+

We've already seen the rise of Secret Six: Six Degrees of Devastation, and now demand for the second volume of the ongoing is outstripping the supply.  Secret Six is simply put one of the most entertaining narratives published in the last decade, and that's a good thing.  Even though the title wasn't carried over into the DCnU, (Suicide Squad is the closest incarnation, but no Gail means no Secret Six in truth) I don't see this comic losing steam in terms of its legend.

What that means is that the only thing going to stop this runaway train would be going back to press.  Which is always possible, and in fact likely at some point.  Until then, look for prices on Depths to rise, and look for other volumes in the series to pop further down the road.  I fully advocate paying full retail for Depths, for any reason.  Buy a truckload and pass them out to your friends.  Or turn a profit, up to you.

Invisibles Vol 2:  Apocalipstick
DC Comics
ISBN:  1563897024
SRP:        $19.99
Amazon Min:   $32/$40

Did Grant Morrison take a dump in somebody's pillowcase at DC?  First they let his Doom Patrol work slip out of print and into a mild feeding frenzy, and now I'm watching the second Invisibles volume creep well past cover price. 

This has exactly the same catalyst and activity as the Painting That Ate Paris phenomenon; it's top notch, well regarded comics work from an industry legend.  The Invisibles may not be a "hot" commodity at the moment, but it is fully vested with cult classic status, and as such should never be allowed to dry up as it has. 

Your SRP makes it a little pricey at current levels, but I still like it (until DC comes to it senses and goes back to press) because of its strong following.  I'll accept smaller margins if I think I can sell it.  And I think I can sell this.  A wise gamer will be keeping tabs on both Doom Patrol and the Invisibles as a whole, because other opportunities may be just around the corner.

The Goon:  Rough Stuff
ISBN:     Uknown
SRP:       $15.95
Amazon Min:   $40/$95

The Goon: Rough Stuff is another example of the Gamers wheelhouse scenario - quality material, well regarded, niche audience, low print run.  Since Dark Horse has picked up the property, they have provided an ample supply of this material.  You can get Rough Stuff on the cheap at will.

But there's only one first edition, and I can't imagine that Albatross produced a metric ton of these.  Is this something likely to be sitting around at your LCS?  Probably not.  But if it is, it's certainly worth buying at full retail.  It's absolutely something that might turn up at a local convention or a Half Price Books.

This is an example of  "next level" thinking in the Trade Game.  I would definitely pay up for a NM or better copy of this book, anticipating future demand as a bonafide scarce collectible.

Scott Snyder's Detective Comics Run
 I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this before, but it bears repeating since the phenomenon is getting stronger and extending to pretty much Snyder's whole run on Detective Comics.  This is really good stuff, people are taking notice, and those back issues are very tricky to get hold of.

I'm seeing auction results like this one that are actually quite astonishing.  Not just because somebody paid more than $25 for a couple of Snyder Batman issues, although that would be newsworthy by itself.  Somebody paid more than $25 for a couple of Snyder Batman issues that were both described as having creases on the covers.  That's kinda crazy.

Detective Comics # 871 & #873 (the "white background" month cover) are the most desirable at the moment, but don't sleep on 880-881, either.  One features a joker cover, and the other closes out the original run of the series.  Listen, more than 200,000 people just bought Batman # 1, and many of them are about to fall in love with Scott Snyder's work on Batman.  When they realize the stories began with Detective # 871, some of them will be satisfied with a "Black Mirror" TPB, but many of them will start scrambling for the original floppies.  There's already a legitimate lack of supply on those issues - what do you think they'll look like in six months?

Anything from Detective Comics 871-881 at cover price or less is an insta-buy.

- Ryan

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