Saturday, October 29, 2011

Chronic Insomnia Secret Formula!

What do you get when you mix the whacky Charles Nelson Reilly....

With the equally whacky Sally Jesse Raphael?

Click "read more" for the startling answer!

You get Scott Lobdell, of course.

I want my pulitzer now for uncovering this shocking, previously undiscovered love child situation.  Incidentally, Lobdell just returned fire on newsarama regarding the whole Starfire calamity, and it's certainly worth reading.  However one feels about Kori's depiction, he has a point - you can can say that she's a skeezy space slut for playing the field, but you just lost your access to the moral High Horse.

Listen, naughty girls need love, too.  I learned that from Professor Samantha Fox.  She was full of educational opportunities, that saucy little gutter whore.  Looks like I'll have to descend from my high horse, now..  Crap.

- Ryan

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