Wednesday, June 30, 2010

10,007 Listens in 10 months.

Chronic Insomnia has reached a huge milestone. We've just surpassed 10,000 channel listens on our podcast website. That's huge for us. That means in 10 months with Podbean we've gotten 1,000 listens a month. On top of that our downloads have reached a new average high. We see around 125 downloads a week now. As far as Comic Book podcasts go, this is square in the middle of the range, but as far as what we think, IT'S INCREDIBLE! Lots of podcasts are more popular than us, but we'd take our loyal followers over their mass strangers any day of the week. We've always felt as though we were a cult type show and that's the way we like it.

We want to thank you from the bottom of our filthy little hearts. The story of Chronic Insomnia is long and boring so I will spare you the details, but since June 2007, we've had a great time bringing you filth and vulgarity each and every week.

We have to tip our hat to our good friends in Canada for getting us at least 30 of those downloads a week. I know in some way we've helped them get a few listeners also. It's a great relationship and we might give each other a hard time each week, but in the end we're all good friends and it's just good natured ribbing.

So for those of you out there listening to our show, please know that we appreciate ALL of you and wish you the best. Thanks for giving us a platform to express ourselves and don't worry, we won't change. We're too old to do something that drastic. We love the all of you.


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