Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Market Spotlight: Firebreather Vol 1 - UPDATED!

Firebreather Vol 1
Scripts: Phil Hester

Pencils: Phil Hester

Collects: Firebreather # 1-4

ISBN: 1582403805

Retail: $13.95

There's actually a lot going on right now in the TPB game. I tend not to mention these items on the show, because, I wouldn't want to bore you all with all the goddamn money you could be making and all.

Firebreather is a nice story. I like the little indie books that could, and this certainly qualifies. Hester is telling a coming of age story about an adolescent dragon with problems fitting in at high school and some MAJOR daddy issues. Like dad might burn your whole town down with his lava-hot dragon breath. Those issues.

This is getting a CG animated pilot airing on Cartoon Network this year. Now, will that blow it up? Probably not. That piece of crap Painkiller Jane show on Sci Fi sure didn't do much for those comics.

But a television show certainly won't hurt the prices on these books, either. And right now you can't touch Firebreather Vol 1 on Amazon for less than $50. Print runs were obviously not huge on this book, but trust me, they are still out there for cover or less.

I'm calling this a "buy" all day long at $14 and under. God help us if that Cartoon Network show does cause a major run - you're looking at a trade you can sell for $100 all day long.


Well, I think we can cancel any dreams of this trade hitting par (the $100 mark) in the near future. Image is producing a new edition of the trade, sheduled to hit stands on June 24.

Do I still like buying the original trade at cover? Yes. We've got three months where supply is likely to be shorter than demand. The supply is coming though, so don't go crazy on this.

Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn II
Scripts: Gerard Jones & Keith Giffen

Pencils: Doc Bright

Collects: Emerald Dawn II # 1-6

ISBN: 1401200168
Retail: $12.95

Holy Chockatolees, did you see this result on Ebay? Looks like interest in Blackest Night is sending folks to earlier Hal Jordan Vs. Sinestro events in a serious way. And just to be clear, you can pick up the original floppies at Lone Star Comics for dirt cheap. If you wanted proof that the trade paperback market is THE market...now you have it.

I don't know if we can count on $120+ forever, these things go in cycles and we're clearly on the upswing. But I would say if you can find this in your LCS for $13, I would jump on that.

- Ryan

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