Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Consummate Professional Strikes Again!

So, I need to make a few corrections on some stuff I said while answering the mail bag. Sometimes I work off the cuff and screw things up. Matter of fact, every week I do that.

So the first thing I need to correct is the number of Promethea trades: there are five of them, not four.

I also went and started researching action on the Promethea Vol 2 hardcover, and things have quieted down a bit on that book as supply has reached a more reasonable level. It's still a very scarce item, and it has value. But I was claiming I'd pay $75 for it and sell it for $200+.

The truth (for the moment, these things go in cycles) is that it's currently available in very nice condition for $60. I actually just found one at Lone Star Comics (God Bless Lone Star) for $15.

I don't think I'm selling mine for less than $100, because I know how these things work. The supply will cycle down again and prices are going to go up. I seriously doubt that anybody is going back to press on these Promethea hardcovers, so what we have in circulation now is probably all we're going to get. And I also have a hard time believing that Alan Moore material is going to go out of style.

There are always going to be Moore collectors out there. Promethea Vol 2 HC is an absolute buyat $30 or less. But not the $75 I was spouting off about on the last show.

- Ryan

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