Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mikes Top Ten List 2008 Part Three

Let's continue...
2. Crossed - This is a sick ass book. Ennis is one fuck sick bastard! The images and dialog in this book are not for the faint at heart. Ryan thinks this might be the most important book of the whole year and well I agree with him on a few things, but what makes me like the book is the sickness in which it is NOT afraid to dive into. Read this book at your own risk, but read the damn thing, it's just that good.

1. Wolverine/Old Man Logan - I haven't been as excited about a book coming out monthly as this one. Mark Miller has done it again and hooked me into a great storyline with a familiar character we all really love no matter what we might say at comic book conventions. Miller gets to take this character and create a storyline we never see coming. From inbred Banner children to hack and slash gore, this book has it all. Do yourself a favor and pick up this mini-series or trade when it comes out, you will not be disappointed.

There ya go, there is my list of 2008. I know there aren't many surprises in there for a few of you, but I don't have the arcane comic book knowledge that a lot of you listening and reading have so my list is a little more mainstream.

Some honorable mention should be included in this list since I might have missed a few comics that even I wish I could have included.

Locke and Key - great book by Stephen Kings son. The art is fantastic and it's a surprisingly deep story for a horror book.

Kick-Ass - Great idea for a book, but for some reason it lost me after issue #4. Again Miller is the idea giant, but it’s not executed correctly in some way. That doesn't mean it wasn't good, it just didn't get it's mitts into me as much as some of the others on my actual list.

Salavation Run - Another fun book that doesn't really mean much to me as far as the cannon to the DC universe, but it was a great read. It was simple and straight-forward with decent art and some surprises that I didn't see coming.

Crawl Space XXX Zombies - Now lets be fair, this book is fucking ridiculous and it's story line and art are pretty bad, but even with those severe faults, I still loved it. Any comic book that has a zombie porn star bite off a guys dick while giving him head during a porno photo shoot just because she's hungry is a good comic book in my mind. Did Ennis write this too?

Y The Last Man - I know this book was mostly Pre-2008, but issue #60 came out in January of 2008 and lets be honest here, this was a fucking incredible series of books. Possibly the best I have ever read. It would have been number with a bullet on my list if we were talking about last year. However with only one issue to talk about in 2008, I just couldn't include it on my list.

I would also like to mention some of the books that I thought were total crap this last year. I know that Ryan and I DO agree on a lot of these though so it won't come as a surprise to some of you that Ryan has already ripped these books to shreds in earlier blog entries.

Mikes worst of 2008

Glamour Puss
Jenna Jamesons Shadow Hunter
Grendel: Behold the Devil
Wild Cards: George R.R. Martins

These books were so bad that I couldn’t even get through the entire first issue. Another notable mention in the worst of 2008 list is the Warren Ellis X-Men crap. That first issue he penned was probably the worst comic book I have ever read written by Warren Ellis. If you like to read about the X-men arguing about coffee for five pages then this book is for you. IT SUCKED!


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