Monday, January 12, 2009

Michaels Top Ten List Part Two

6. Gravel - When I first read this series I thought that Cris Carter and Lovecraft combined to create this story. I was wrong of course, but it gave me that feeling and Warren Ellis does a great job in this book of giving us a hero who is a complete asshole. Go figure, Ellis is writing gritty and offensive dialog, call me surprised. If you liked the X-Files and also love Lovecraftian horror then this is the book for you.

5. Dynamo 5 - This book grabbed me because it started me in a universe that I didn't need to know anything about before picking it up. So many times we need prior knowledge to start reading a storyline in a comic. In this series Faerber has created a brand new world and a great compelling set of superheroes that really suck at being heroes. Great idea for a comic book and there are plenty of twists and turns to keep you interested along the way.

4. Secret Six - Superhero Mercenaries, how can you go wrong with that? Well you can't. This is a great series for those of you who like heroes that aren't heroes, if that makes any sense. These guys and gals are not that nice and some of the stuff they do is not nice either. Sign me up!

3. Pax Romana - I normally don't like long-winded books like this, but the storyline in this really grabbed hold of my nuts and wouldn't let go. Time travel, Romans and Mercenaries that aren't as nice or noble as they claim to be; A recipe for disaster sure, but also a recipe for a damn fine comic book. Hickman really knows the Catholics and how dangerous they really are. Ryan thinks the Tusken Raiders are the keepers of the arcane knowledge but my bet is on the Catholics.

Next up, my final two books of the list.


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