Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Chronic Update: Ruins

In our latest episode, Quincy and I decided to name-drop Ruins in our usual Woodward & Bernstein fashion without any research, facts, or clue with which to elaborate.

Turns out this one might be a hidden gem, especially for Warren Ellis fans.

Remember when the original Marvels series came out, and Alex Ross wowed all of us with his hyper-realistic take on superheroes? Ruins takes that concept and turns it inside out. In this dystopian version, Phil Sheldon is bumping into monstrosities, pain, suicide, oppression, and a Marvel universe gone horribly sideways.

This was a two issue mini released in 1995, scripts by Warren Ellis (who else would you get to write this?) and pencils by Chris Nielson. The Ruins that comes out on Wednesday (1/2) is a collection of those two issues.

When originally released, each issue retailed for $4.95. Marvel's suggested retail on this 80 page collection is $4.99, which is shockingly reasonable given the current climate of overpricing and whorification. Is this the same company that sent out a 16 page embarrassment called Astonishing X-Men: Ghost Boxes for $3.99? Hard to believe.

All reports are that Ruins is an interesting read, with a gleeful Warren Ellis dismantling anything he can get his cynical mitts on. To give one spoilery example, Sheldon encounters Wolverine. The adamantium in his skeleton has gone toxic, and his flesh is slowly falling off the bone. This series is full of that stuff - fun!

Given the fact that we love Warren here at Chronic Insmonia and the comparatively low price point, Ruins is getting an enthusiastic buy recommendation. Enjoy!

- Ryan

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