Sunday, January 11, 2009

Michael's Top 10 List Part One

I would love to draw out my list of 2008, but honestly I am not as fluent with the English language as we can see Ryan obviously is. I am not going to bore you with my seemingly mindless prattles surrounding which books I think are the best and why. I am a simpler sort of person and for that reason my list is going to be simple and straight forward. I feel like I might be disrupting Ryans flow, by putting my list right in the middle of his, and unfortunately it might seem like I am copying Ryan, but I don’t really care, I just want to finish this and get it out. Some could say I read whatever he tells me to, but honestly we have some different tastes when it comes to comic books. If anything Ryan thinks a lot of the stuff I read is Excrement and I think a lot of the things he reads is long-winded. That doesn't mean that we don't meet in the middle on plenty of books. If we were to make a Top 25 list, you would see the difference in how we look at books. But with this Top 10 I am not sure how different we are going to be.

So without further ramblings by me here is my list for 2008. I agree with Ryan about how hard it is to determine enough difference between #5 and #6, but I did my best and I stand by my conclusions.

10. The Boys - Who doesn't love this comic? I have to admit that I fell off this book a little this year, but when I did come back to it, it was as raunchy and raw as it has always been. If you are looking for a shocking, funny book then this is your animal. Ennis is one fucking sick bastard as you will learn much deeper into my list.

9. Hack/Slash - I can't imagine Ryan putting this on his list at all, the writing is not that great and the stories are actually fairly crappy. Why then would I choose it for my #9, well it's because it's a fun book. It doesn't take itself seriously and it chooses to have fun with the genre and I like that a lot. I have to admit the first books in the series are better than they are now, but the comic still holds up as something I enjoy reading.

8. Deadpool – This is a fun book. Each issue is a surprise and “Deadpool” is crazier than ever. I am not a huge “Deadpool” fan at all, as a matter of fact before Ways “Deadpool” I didn't really know much about him, but I am starting to understand the attraction to this character and I really like what Way has done so far with this series. It's a fun and smartly written book.

7. Walking Dead - What can be said about this series that hasn't already been covered? Not much, but I love Zombies (if they are done correctly) and in this book they are nearly perfect. There hasn't been an issue I didn't LOVE of this series. You care about the characters and are shocked when something happens to them. I don't like black and white books at all, but in this book I forgot it was black and white after the first five pages. It's that fucking good!

Stay Tuned for Part Two of my Top 10 List...


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