Sunday, March 9, 2008

Mikes Birthday Special

Attention all listeners of the show. This Tuesday will be my 36th birthday special. This weeks show is going to be a little bit different than normal. Most weeks Ryan is the one that brings the goods to the show. He does the research, he gets the info, I just sit back and work the controls. Oh his birthday show he wrote ALL of the stuff, with maybe 5% input from me. I got to make up my own lines in most cases, but as for the rest it was pretty one-sided. That's what I wanted though.

This weeks show is written by both of us however. There are a few things that I either did on my own or I wrote, but for the most part it was an effort from the both of us. I just tell Ryan what I want in general and he riffs on it. He's really good when it comes to making shit up on the spot. I think one of our greatest strengths as a team is our ability to work off of each other. One person comes up with an idea and with the others help it inevitably gets better. This week is no different. Pretty much anything you hear Ryan say, he wrote or made up on the spot. Which is damn near everything. He's the one with the Master Degree so he should be the writer.

I basically sit behind the controls and make the skits and FX happen they way they should. One couldn't exist without the other and we work VERY WELL as a team. No bickering and arguing of any nature has really occurred in the past nine months. We have always been able to stand each others crazy ideas or insane outlooks on how something should go. I guess that would be called a gift by many and a curse by some. No conflict can sometimes lead to stagnant programming, but we surely have not suffered from that.

When you listen to the show, on normal weeks, realize that most of the writing is done by Ryan. He's the smart one, and the only one on the show that is literate. This week is a little different however. This week I would say the writing is nearly 50/50. I am not sure that Ryan would want to claim this as the truth, but I want to give credit where credit is due. Ryan does a lot of things that I should not get the credit for. I am his springboard, his companion in the insanity, some one that he can be honest and open with and I will tell him what I really think. He does the same for me and it works beautifully for the show.

I hope you enjoy this week, because I am putting a lot of myself into it. If you end up hating this week just know that every other week during the year is mostly written by Ryan and I only have this one week to control.

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the show.


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