Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Breast Whisperer

I admit it, I am a slight fan of this show so I was obviously drawn to this comic book cause of it's possible intelligent script. IDW's "The Ghost Whisperer" was written by Becca Smith and Carrie Smith, past episode writers for the show. What I actually found when reading this book was a terribly illustrated thin story with barely a moment of satisfaction. It all seemed rushed and too quick with a simple story line about a girl hit by a car after being tricked by 3 other girls into asking some guy out at his house. I know what I just wrote might sound childish and simple to almost anyone, but there's a good reason for that. IT IS CHILDISH AND SIMPLE.

They should have taken a risk with this comic book. They could have darkened it up. Lets face it the show, which is on CBS is geared towards a teen audience, and actually towards a teen girl audience. There is no chance in hell a teenage girl is going out to buy this comic at a comic book store. Teenage girls know better than to enter a nerd haven like that. They know they aren't safe around all those geeks. I'm sure they don't want to be the next nights masturbation material just so they can get the latest "Ghost Whisperer" comic.

What I would have done is get a better artist/illustrator and have more T&A laced in it's pages. I would have also included darker, more sinister themes. Then it would sell to the actual comic book enthusiast. Unfortunately they screwed the pooch and missed that boat. If you are a teenage girl fanatic of "The Ghost Whisperer" then you will love this book. It's just a weekly show in comic book form, but watch out at the comic book shops and dress accordingly, we don't need anymore children sacrificed in the name of the Breast Whisperer.

However if you are a normal comic book buying individual, a.k.a. a 18-35 year old male, then this book is a pile of feces and you should just watch the semi-crappy TV show. At least in the show you get to gaze upon Jennifer's ACTUAL breasts instead of poorly drawn ones in a two-dimensional comic book.

Art - 2 (terrible work with the art, on one page it looks like the artist forgot to draw the faces onto the characters in the background, it's pathetic)
Storyline - 2 1/2 (teenage girls would think it's a 4, but for me it was too simple and cheesy)

Overall the book is a definite, DO NOT BUY!


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