Monday, January 31, 2011

Market Spotlight: Blog Edition!

I recognize that there have been epochs when Venom has had more over-exposure than Deadpool.  Weird but true.  So I'll understand if you're not particularly excited about the character, but if you can somehow pry your brain into have to admit that the concept is crazy creepy cool.  Plus, he's got a new ongoing coming up, so time to check in with our favorite brain eater this side of Hannibal Lecter and see what's profitable.

Venom Vol 3:  Twist
ISBN:  0785115544
Suggested Retail:  $13.99

The second volume in this series has traditionally been the heavy hitter, but as I type this it's "Twist" that is fetching the highest prices.  The book currently runs $30+ in used condition, and $50+ in stated new.

A word of warning - Marvel is slated to go to press on a collection of all 18 issues of the series in March.  That has a better than coin flip shot at killing your profit.  Right this second, I wouldn't mind spending $14 on a nice copy.

Venom: Lethal Protector TPB
ISBN:  0785101071
Suggested Retail:  $15.95

The original six issue mini-series, collected in one volume circa 1995!  This one runs from $25+ for used copies, and currently $85+ in stated new condition.  It's becoming typical now for trades, particularly older trades, to command premium prices in top shape.

While the original issues were printed in megaton quantities, it's probably easier to find one of those "super rare" gold editions than a copy of this book in anything close to NM.  There were simply fewer books printed, and they tend to be well-loved.  I'd pay cover for this book in VF or thereabouts, and I'd pay 2X on a really nice copy.

Venom:  Separation Anxiety TPB
ISBN:   0785101888
Suggested Retail:  $8.95

The four issue mini-series collected here for the remarkably low suggested retail of less than $9!  Are you kidding me?  Now, you've got a better chance of finding the Loch Ness Monster in your LCS, but if it's there...what a find!

Currently the book is at $22+ in beat up condition, and $125+ in stated new.  This book was also printed in 1995, but I'm guessing the print run here is significantly less than the more popular Lethal Protector series.  You just don't see this book.  Ever.  I'm all over this at cover or less in any condition, and I'd easily pay 3X cover in near mint.

Spectacular Spider-Man Vol 1:  The Hunger
ISBN:   0785111697
Suggested retail:   $11.99

This is a cute little play for a couple of reasons.  Your creative team here is Paul Jenkins and Humberto Ramos, and I believe that Ramos will be pencilling the "point one" book where the new Venom is introduced in Amazing.  Folks looking for early Ramos work on Venom might want to hunt this down.

As I type this, the book is fetching $15+ in used condition, and $37+ in new.  Not the most exciting arbitrage opportunity ever, but then again, the worst you're looking at is a $12 investment at your LCS, it might actually be in your LCS, and there's room to grow.

There are other opportunities out there, of course.  Venom: Carnage Unleashed from 1996 is another book I wouldn't mind owning, especially in top condition.  Once upon a time you could do really well with the "Spirits of Venom" trade, and right now it's pretty easy to come by at $12 or less.  That's probably a nice "buy low" opportunity. 

-  Ryan

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