Friday, December 31, 2010

Cut To The Chase Reviews!

No mucking about with purple prose and over-analysis.  A couple of lines on a handful of titles beginning with:

Osborn # 2 - Marvel Comics.  It might be unfair to call Kelly Sue DeConnick a star in the making, because I think she's already there.  Tightly plotted and speckled with memorable character moments, Osborn is strikingly good stuff, and DeConnick should be on your  $4 is a problem, though.

 Next Men # 1 - IDW.  John Byrne is back, and if you're a die-hard Byrne Victim, you're getting exactly what you love.  There's an intriguing story in there somewhere, but when your foundation is built upon a never-ending series of "Bobby Ewing comes out of the shower" reveals, where is the reader supposed to find footing?  Irritatingly entertaining, and extra irritating at $4.

Nemesis # 4 - Icon/Marvel.  Is it completely out of control?  Yes.  Did last issue threaten to not only jump the shark, but leave said shark a few star systems behind?  Yes.  Did the unstoppable Scottish beast find a way to make the series pay off any way?  Fuck yeah, he did.  Note to self: Mark Millar = mad genius.

 Red Robin # 18 - DC.  This is some of the best superhero comics on the racks today, I kid you not.  When Fabian Nicieza can avoid proselytizing his politics, (BOO! to the preachy and LAME old Nomad ongoing and JLA/The 99) he puts out exceptional character-driven stories.

 THUNDER Agents # 2 - DC.  The first issue had me iffy at the staple, sold at the end.  The second issue of Thunder Agents is second only to Brave & The Bold # 32 as my favorite comic of 2010.  The research, the lengths that this organization will go to in order to achieve objectives, and the art on those running scenes...sublime.

 Deadpool MAX # 3 - Marvel.  If you're avoiding this because it's a "Deadpool" book....stop it, and get over yourself.  This comic is adult, dark, funny, and challenging.  David Lapham will challenge you, and the book is challenging what mainstream comics do, which is supposed to be the point of Max, no?  $4 is a problem, though.

- Ryan

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Nick said...

THUNDER Agents is my new favorite book. I loved the scene with Lightning running, how F'd up was that? Plus January the price drops to $2.99. Awesome!