Sunday, December 26, 2010

Coming Soon: A Very Growler Christmas!

Mike and I recorded last night, intending to complete and post the 2010 Chronic Insomnia Special.  Well....we didn't get it done.

What we did accomplish was a 7.5 minute Christmas "Growler" sketch.  Some of you may remember The Growler from my birthday special in 2009.  It's a 1950s radio serial farce, where mild-mannered scientist Dan Arkadian dispenses digestive justice by disrupting the bowels of any creature.  You can find the original bit on our website.

What happens when The Growler and his faithful sidekick Cub meet with Santa and Rudolph?  The episode is entitled "Christmas Pudding", and if you know The Growler....this could get messy.

Mike and I are back in Studio B on Monday night to complete the Christmas Special, which should be available on Tuesday as per usual.  So we'll be late.  But if Damon Lindelof can take off a couple years between issues of Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk, we can release a Christmas show on December 27.


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