Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Morning Glories DCB Service sketch!

When Morning Glories was first solicited, DCB Service offered its customers a very special deal. You could order up to two copies of the first issue at 75% off, and also receive a free sketch from penciller Joe Eisma.

I just got my sketch of Casey in the mail today, and it sent my robotic heart all aflutter:

Of course, back then I didn't know Morning Glories was going to be The Next Big Thing. I knew that Nick Spencer was excited about it, the concept was intriguing, and for 99 cents? You kidding me?

As I type this the going rate for 1st prints on Morning Glories # 1 is about $25. And hey, if you missed the first boat, the 2nd print hits shelves on Wednesday. If you're looking for something new, different, better...this is the book. The two titles that have really invigorated my love for the medium right now are Morning Glories and Scarlet, and they're both on racks this week - it's a good week to be a comics fan! But I'm digressing.

The point is that I have a piece of original Glories art from Joe Eisma, and that's about the coolest thing in the world. And if I could have picked a subject, I would have chosen Ike or Casey. So I'm not sure how I could be happier.

John Mayo estimates that DCB Service has about 3,000 subscribers. Tough to estimate how many of those customers even looked at that offer - maybe 10%? How many pulled the trigger - maybe 5%? That would be 150- 200 people at best. Tough to know how many got two sketches as well. I only went with one. My best unscientific, unsubstantiated guess is that there are about 300 of these available.

Can you imagine an offer for a copy of Y the Last Man # 1 with a Yorick sketch by Pia Guerra enclosed, or a Walking Dead # 1 complete with an original Rick sketch by Tony Moore limited to 300?

That's pretty much what I've got, folks. Many of you are wondering how quickly I'm running to post this, documented street walker that I am. Truth is, you'd have to pry my Casey sketch from my cold, dead hands. Oh yeah. This stays with me.

- Ryan


Irish Mike said...

I just got my DCBS box in the mail today. I'll post a pic of my sketch as soon as I can get offa my fat ass.

Chronic Insomnia said...

Cool, do it! I love seeing what other people got. I've only seen two others that made it to eBay: one with a teacher/Ike (I think), the other featuring Ike/Casey.

Irish Mike said...