Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chronic Interview: Anthony Del Col of Kill Shakespeare!

Kill Shakespeare
IDW Comics

Scripts: Anthony Del Col & Conor McCreery
Pencils/Inks: Andy Belanger

If you're a character in a Shakespearean play, the odds are good that a bitch. In heat. With advanced rabies.

Take Hamlet, for example. His father is dead and he killed the wrong guy in revenge. His mother won't speak to him, there's no Zoloft to curb his anxiety, he's hallucinating, and now he's being exiled to England.

Things look pretty bleak for Hamlet, but a "chance" meeting with Richard III proves that he is not alone. Richard offers him his father back, and a chance to get at the real source of their problems. You see, there's a mad wizard beyond the veil running things like a sadistic dictator - and it's time to Kill Shakespeare!

Intrigued yet? You should be. This is a hook so epic it created a new segment on Chronic Insomnia # 136: The Buzz Book. Kill Shakespeare has continued to buzz at high volume since issue # 1 hit the stands on April 14. Frank Miller's girlfriend (and noted Shakespearean scholar) Kimberly Cox called it a stinking turd of a comic book that made her want to throw up in her mouth on Bleeding Cool.

But Aint it Cool News declares that "...Kill Shakespeare will probably please each and every one of you out there", and Mike Carey says that "...McCreery and Del Col get it gloriously right".

There's a small schism of opinion on Kill Shakespeare, is what I'm saying. So what's the real story? Find out on Chronic # 141 when we interview Kill Shakespeare co-creator/writer Anthony Del Col!

This isn't just about comics, folks. This is a group that raised $350,000 in capital for the project, and possibly have an eye toward world domination. We're talking about writers accused of Shakespearean ignorance who went through 16 researched drafts of the first issue and launched their enterprise the month William Shakespeare was baptised and buried. We're talking about a battle between Froofery and Lunch Bucketry at it's finest.

How fun is that? Listen to the next episode of the show, and grab a copy of Kill Shakespeare # 2 on 5/19 to find out for yourself!

- Ryan

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