Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Issue # 95 "Are You There God? It's Me Manatee"

This week on Chronic Insomnia we have the visitor of visitors stop by and give us an explanation as to what he's been doing these past eons. Near the end of the interview we win him over with our charm and sophistication and he adds us to his Facebook page. He's a rather popular person.

Ryan gets the gauntlet thrown down to him by Remy from "Where Monsters Dwell" and he accepts the challenge. We offer up a huge prize if Remy ends up beating him by Labor Day. Or Labour Day for those of you in Canada.

Mike has troubles with his bowels AGAIN, isn't this getting old? Well it would get old to normal people, but since we are 12 years old mentally, it's still pretty damn disgusting and funny. We can't help our vulgarity on this weeks show. Check out the end of the show this week for a top secret REDUX of our semi-famous Star Wars bit.

We Love The All Of You.


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