Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Brown Eye for the Comic Guy!

I missed last month but there is a lot coming down the pipe. Here's what you can order in the upcoming Previews and your local LCS:

1. Agents of Atlas Prem HC, W: Jeff Parker A: Various. I read the Limited Series and was very entertained. It dealt with super heroes but really didn't feel like a hero comic. This is the first arc of the on-going and from everyone I've talked to...It's Awesome! If nothing else it should be a smaller print run and may be worth something down the road.

2. Amazing Spider-man #600, W: Dan Slott A: John Romita, Jr. Spider-man, Daredevil and the return of Doc Oc! 104 pgs of goodness and a special story from Stan Lee himself. I'll bite!

3. Authority: Worlds End TP1, W: DnA(Abnett and Lanning) A: Simon Coleby. I can't help but splurge on this title. Back in the day the Authority used to be prettty damn good. Then nobody cared. With what DnA has done on other titles like Nova, Annihilation, Guardians...I'll give em a shot and see if they can bring this title back.

4. Blackest Night #1, W: Geoff Johns A: Ivan Reis and Oclair Albert. I told myself I wasn't going to buy this series until the trades came out. Unfortunately I got #0 on FCBD and started picking up the preludes. I'm pretty hooked and love what Johns is doing. I'll be ordering this and will probably get the HC too.

5. Bomb Queen Omnibust Vol.1, W: Jimmie Robinson A: Jimmie Robinson. This title always intrigued me at the shop. Hot anti-heroin who has next to nothing on and terrorizes the town. Like Erin Esurance gone bad! Gimme some!!

6. Fables: Delluxe Edition HC, W: Bill Willingham A: Lan Medina et al. Fables is one of those recent classics right up there with Ex Machina and Y the Last Man. This is the best way to try it out. If I don't like it you know there is enough of a following that you can always sell it later.

7. Fallen Angel Reborn #1, W: Peter David A: J.K. Woodward. One of the series I've read for a while, David finished his last tale a few months ago. This is the next leg of the story of the Fallen Angel and the city of Bette Noir. It should start out with a bang as Joss Whedon has given David the go ahead to use one of his characters from Angel, Illyria. It's supposed to cross-over at the same time as season 5 of Angel.

8. Noir TPB, W: Azzerello, Brubaker, plus A: Various. If you like crime comics like 100 Bullets, Criminal and Sleeper this should be a sample in paradise. Azz-man and Brubaker alone make this a must buy in my book!

9. Surrogates Special HC Edition, W: Robert Venditti A: Brett Weldele. I, unlike our special hosts, did read the originals. i have all the floppies(aren't I special.) But this reprints those in HC format with the new prequel. Just in time for the movie and fit to sell.

10. TMNT Collected Book Vol. 1, W/A: Eastman and Laird. The movies sucked! The cartoon sucked! The video games...SUUUCCCKKKKED! But the original series was life changing for me at that time of collecting comics. This brings back the first 11 issues in a collected format. Yes, I did have the glow-in-the-dark T-shirt of Michaelangelo! I was so cool!!

11. Unknown Soldier TPB Vol. 1, W: Joshua Dysart A: Alberto Ponticelli. I have to buy this. Ryan says so! And what Ryan says goes...just ask Dave's aching ass!

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