Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Winter Soldier, Cap #34

I don't claim to be the smartest person alive and or the most well read, but this comic was a little on the disappointing side. I was looking for a good replacement for Steve Rodgers and I am not sure that we got one. Bucky is a strange character to a comic book novice like me. He questions everything he does and realizes he is no where near as good as Steve was. I know this is to satisfy those fan boys that originally didn't want Steve to die in the first place, but it still makes for a questionable first storyline.

I was expecting a confident, bad ass replacement. Instead I get a worried, almost pathetic, whiney little bitch. I was expecting something different that's for sure. I don't claim to be an expert on all things Captain America, but Bucky seems an incompetent replacement, at best.

I am not in the business of giving away anything so this will be no different. Bucky fights a generic enemy and all the while we get to hear his doubts and concerns about taking over the role of Captain America. This is fine, it's just we get no real resolution of this. We learn that he is like four times weaker than Rodgers was, and that he can barely control the shield with which he was given.

I just don't think it was a good idea to start him out being so unsure of himself. Doubts are fine, but taking over one of the greatest icons ever should be coupled with some confidence. It seems that Bucky is reluctant to don the outfit and take over the roll. It would have been better if he was more honored than he is.

Some of you out there might love this kind of comic book but I didn't. I thought it lacked that certain heroic element that it needed. The main story was weak, it was more like a basic introduction rather than a continuing epic which a new Captain America should enter into. However that doesn't mean I don't recommend it, all that means it wasn't right for me.

Story - 2 1/2 Very simple and thin if you ask me.
Artwork - 3 not really very good and VERY shadowy.


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