Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chronic Review: Teen Titans # 88!

Teen Titans # 88
DC Comics

Script: JT Krul
Pencils: Nicola Scott
29 pages for $3.99

Teen Titans # 88 is a landmark issue in the history of the comics medium, and no, I'm not even close to kidding. Maybe some historian like Mark Evanier can correct me, but I'm pretty sure that this is the first time the medium has ever featured a group of incredibly sexy women with tiny boobs.

Let me repeat that, folks. This comic's B-cups runneth over with wonderful, delectable, proportional tiny boobs. I'm tearing up as I type this inspiring fact. They're so.....beautiful. {snfff} And it's not just Cassie, either. Neither Ravager nor Raven have back problems in their future. Consider me amazed and delighted.

I can think of maybe four artists that would cause me to pick up a book regardless of writer, and Nicola Scott is one of them. She is a rare treasure, and not simply because of her skill in rendering attractive, reasonable breasts. Everything looks good. She should be immediately inducted into the hall of fame for her Cassie alone. I laughed out loud when I saw this expression of Beast Boy's face.

The news gets even better - Krul turned in a really nice script as well. Listen, the Teen Titans is a soap opera book. There's nothing wrong with that when executed with some subtlety and craft, and nearly every note Krul played in this issue was pitch perfect.

Everybody with the exception of Connor has something interesting to do. Cassie's trying to sort out how she can be an objective leader when her emotions make her Connor-centric, Beast Boy got bit by something that just has to be virile and horrible for him down the road, Rose has daddy and mommy issues, Bart's trying to hold his future knowledge that slips from his brain like water through fingers, Raven's got Gar problems, and there's a new character introduced being subjected to all the classic "outsider" issues one associates with the plague of being a teenager.

Has this ground been trod before? Sure it has. Does it smack a little bit of "Days of Our Lives?" Of course it does. It's supposed to. There is a fine line between the iconic and the cliched, and Krul walked it quite deftly in this issue. Of course this is also the guy that had me raving his praises for Green Arrow # 31 and then cursing his lineage exactly one month later with Green Arrow # 32.

I really liked this issue, but can I trust Teen Titans to continue at this level? Maybe. Maybe not. This one really popped, though, and when you throw Damien into the mix - superhero fun is about to have a new headquarters. Nicola Scott might be worth the trouble even if Krul falters.

This franchise has hit a bit of a rough patch lately, but if you like these characters and the old classic soap opera schtick, I think the waters are safe again.

- Ryan


Irish Mike said...

I'm surprised to hear that it's readable. JT has not impressed me with any of his work, to date. But...I trust the Louden Swain of Podcasting.

I will read this issue and report back in the morning, Dr. Lee.

If I have an adverse reaction, please don't offer to give me an 'injection.' I fell for that once...ONCE.

Chronic Insomnia said...

If you liked the old Claremont X-Men stuff, or more aptly the old Wolfman Titans stuff you should be just fine. It's a soap opera, you know? If you're expecting Dostoyevsky, you're going to be disappointed. And that's when the injections become necessary.