Thursday, October 7, 2010

Chronic Guest Review: Lady Mechanika # 0!

Lady Mechanika # 0
Aspen Comics

Script: Joe Benitez
Pencils: Joe Benitez
19 pages for $2.50

Let's get the facts out of the way first, I do not have an English degree, so reading this will be a little rough. Lady Mechanika #0 is 19 pages, of which 2 are splash pages, 4 are back matter and 1 is recipes. Yes recipes. All for $2.50. Also if you are into that sort of thing there are 4 cover variants. And I'm all about hot sasquatch on mechanika action.

The book takes place in 1878, presumably in the US, but it could also be England. I'm guessing the US because of the lack of "pip pips" and "cheerios". Lady Mechanika is out hunting the Demon of Satan's Alley, because in one news article the creature was described as having machine parts. Also looking for the creature are agents from Blackpool Armaments, perhaps looking for a new weapon.

We jump right into the hunt for the creature, which LM quickly finds. She is surprised to learn that the creature can speak, and even more surprised to learn that the creature knows her. This is when we find out she knows nothing of her past, not even her real name. Just as the creature is about to reveal some of this information Blackpool goons show up with Lord Blackpool himself.

Without giving too much away, Blackpool is set up as the antagonist, someone gets their jaw kicked off, and some people believe Mechanika is the work of the devil.

What worked for me? I loved the art and the story as a whole. I liked that once she found out the creature could talk she stopped trying to kill it. Sure this was part of the story, but the creature went from looking like a scary SOB to a rather pathetic half-starved creature you felt sorry for. I also like how Mechanika is rare and most people have a shoot on sight attitude, as if it was the devils tool.

What didn't work for me? The fast set up. I know you only have a few pages to introduce all the characters but once I would love a preview book that didn't leave a bread crumb trail for every plot thread.

Favorite quote: "Doctor Littleton! See to the young lady there, poor child seems to be having a bout of hysterics."

It just seemed like a fitting quote for the timeframe.

Will I pick up #1 in December? Yeah, I think I will. The setting reminds me of Ruse, which was a great book, and I love steampunk. Plus did I mention I'm all about hot sasquatch on mechanika action?

- Friend of the Show Nick

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