Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Chronic Call to Arms: Vengeance of the Moon Knight # 10!

Marvel have been making moves toward getting Moon Knight in the spotlight lately. I suspect it's being pushed by Gregg Hurwitz, who writes the title. Maybe it's the editor.

Whoever is responsible, the last three months have seen Vengeance of the Moon Knight pulling out all the stops. He got recruited into the Secret Avengers, so instantly about 100,000 people got exposed to the character. Issue # 8 featured the obligatory Deadpool appearance. (bleh!) Issue # 9 featured the obligatory Spider-Man appearance...and they stole the extremely fantastic Juan Jose Ryp away from Avatar to pencil the book. Now we're talking!

So what do you suppose the bell/whistle is for issue # 10 on the stands tomorrow? If you guessed Wolverine appearance, you're pretty bright, but also wrong. Marvel moved the price point down from $3.99 to $2.99.

Yeah. Let me repeat that, because I know some of you are unconscious from falling over backwards in your seats: Marvel comics moved a price point DOWN.

I don't want to overstate the case too much, but this is a wonderful and maybe unique opportunity to show Marvel comics that PRICE MATTERS. See the prevailing wisdom is that we're all just whiners who will pay anything they slap on a Bendis book or a mini. They recognize that a scattered few will refuse to buy a book, and a few will drop a book over price. But if that number is 4%, and the price hike is 25%....well, you can see why we're all wearing a rolling pin in our ass. We've told them that we like it in the only language they understand. Sales. Money.

You want to stop the $3.99 plague and end this madness? You want your voice heard? Go to your comic shop tomorrow and buy a copy of Vengeance of the Moon Knight # 10. Tell a friend to do the same. The guy standing next to you at the rack? Use your sly silver tongue to get him to buy a copy.

This next step is very important - if you get to the store and the book is sold out, do NOT give up and think the job is done. It's not. If the book simply sells out, sales look flat. We need a spike, not a plateau in order to send the proper message. If the book is sold out, ask your retailer to order you a copy. Believe me, they will be more than happy to do so!

And listen, I'm not suggesting you support a dog. If the book were crap, I wouldn't be suggesting this tactic. Gregg Hurwitz is writing the character well, and is obviously passionate about the book. Juan Jose Ryp is an absolute bad ass. It comes out on time. This is a comic worthy of your attention, and this is a critical cause.

Marvel didn't advertise this price dip, folks. They're looking to see if you're paying attention. They're looking to see if price matters. If Vengeance of the Moon Knight goes to three printings, we will definitely have made our case! This is the era of attrition. We don't need to double sales in order to get the proper attention. (although it certainly wouldn't hurt!) Really a 5-10% increase would speak volumes. If you want cheaper comics, let's make a statement with an impact instead of simply whinging about it. Buy this comic!

- Ryan

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