Thursday, February 5, 2009

IDW Rapes Your Ass!

IDW is doing a good job of completely raping it's readers this year so far. Two of their most anticipated comics came out this month with 22 pages for $4. Are you fucking kidding me? What kind of stupid fuck do you think I am? Am I going to pay that price for a comic book? Hell no. I got mine from DCBS preorder, thank you very much and I paid $1.75 each.

Let's start with Star Trek Countdown. Holy shit what a pile of feces this is. Let's start out by reiterating the $4 for 22 pages bullshit and then move on to it's lame ass storyline. If this is how the new movie is going to be, then I might not see it. The story revolves around Spock and his stay on Romulus. He finds out that a sun near the Romulan home planet is going to go SUPER SUPER nova and blow everyone up. Well he goes to the council and asks everyone to help him stop it, but of course they won't help him so a rogue romulan captain decides to risk his life for Spocks idea. Yay! We have a good idea, so let's see if we can pull it off. Well you can't. Spock seems pretty well written, but over all the comic is pretty crappy.

Now lets get to the biggest anal rape of all. G.I. Joe #1, another IDW property which seems to think that 22 pages is worth $4. This is supposed to be a rebuild of the franchise and in a lot of ways it is. This book really left me confused because it seems as though, at least at this point, Joe doesn't even know about Cobra yet. Which in some ways is pretty cool, but why would I want to hear the whole thing again? It's just an excuse to start over with a new reboot and another reason for us to spend more money on a franchise that some other company is trying to make money off of. It's crap, don't buy it, at least not for $4. If you can somehow get it for around $2.50 it might be worth the 22 pages. If not, leave it at your LCS.

Bottom line is that neither one of these comics is worth anywhere near the $4 they are asking for them. Let's help IDW, Marvel and DC comics realize we aren't going to pay that much for LESS pages then before. It wouldn't be as bad if they were still giving us 32 pages, but even that isn't the case. We are being screwed in more ways than one. Charging us an extra dollar an issue for no apparent reason and THEN giving us less story, that's fucking bullshit.


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