Saturday, May 26, 2012

Chronic Referrals!

Other Nick asked us to post links to the podcasts we recommended on the series finale - so here they are!

Mike recommends:

The Nerdist Podcast
 What began as Chris Hardwick and a couple of pals interviewing nerd-centric celebrities has turned into an empire of podcasts covering a wide array of weird crap.  Ryan particularly enjoys the Writer's Panel show.  Enjoy your burrito!  (This will make sense if you listen to the Nerdist show.  Sort of.)

The Table Top Youtube Channel
Wil Wheaton and various celebrities play table top board games on Felicia Day's "Geek & Sundry" channel

Ryan Recommends:

Where Monsters Dwell
The most unique and comprehensive comics podcast experience on planet earth!  Mike, Remy, and Red Shirt Ryan combine host charisma, creative interviews, and live interaction.  Where else can you get all your comics news, talk to the hosts, then ask your favorite creator a question on live radio?  Answer:  nowhere. 

Two Headed Nerd
Joe Patrick and Matt Baum are writing and performing the snappiest comics podcast on the market.  They try to keep the run time to around 30 minutes, so you're not going to kill your workshift, but my does it pop.  The most densely packed, hilarious little morsel you'll listen to all week. 

Wait, What? 
Graeme McMillan writes for every comics news site you visit, and several you don't.  Jeff Lester is essentially Eeyore, if Eeyore waxed more philosophical, read comics, and laughed mirthlessly every five minutes or so.  Together they've created the most thoughtful and thought-provoking comics podcast on the rack, covering a wide range of topics (including waffles) in staggering depth.  A Savage Critic production.

The Hench-Cast
Chronic fan Mike W and his friends John, Jeff, and Jason record their role-playing hijinx for your amusement.  The show has already bought this crew a ticket in to the Urban Dictionary, ("boating" entry # 2) and they get more hits than Chronic Insomnia....clearly they're doing something right!

Close The Door
PJ and Kyle have essentially created Chronic Insomnia: The Next Generation, blending a bawdy cold-open with comics news, reviews, and inappropriate levels of personal disclosure.  Sound familiar?  Thought so.  They're young in the game, but they've both got chops, and charisma to burn.  The future is CTD!

Bon Apetite, you degenerates!

Ryan Lee

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