Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Market Spotlight: Hiatus Edition!

Just because Miracle Keith is somewhere out there really jonesing for some Market Spotlight, let's see what's new and profitable, shall we?

Atomic Robo Vol 2: Dogs of War
Red 5 Comics
ISBN:  0980930227
SRP:  $19.95

Atomic Robo is the steampunk comedy by Brian Clevenger.  Acclaimed by critics and lauded by the handful of stalwarts who read it when it does come out.  It also does reasonably well in the digital format, although I would smugly mention that we're still waiting for our first runaway commercial success in the cyber realm.

The point is that Robo has quite a few things going for it - it's regarded as quality material, the Red 5 product is always attractive, and it's a niche property with a cyber following that could be feeding converts into the trade product.

They certainly seem to be funelling toward the second volume, Dogs of War.  Amazon min is sitting around the $70 mark. Not sure if it's reasonable to expect it to pop at that level, but I think that $50 should be attainable, so purchasing at full retail seems like a good risk, and grabbing a copy at Half Price should be golden.

Spider-Man Noir: Premiere HC
Marvel Comics
ISBN:  0785139443
SRP:  $19.99

Just another example in what should be a forthcoming legion of profitable Premiere HCs from Marvel.  A case could be made that Marvel milked the noir teat a little harder and a little longer than good judgement would recommend, but I can attest that the first Spider-Man: Noir book is an entertaining little story.  More horror than mystery, but David Hine took the concept in suitably dark direction, and with some punch.  Vulture.....yecch.  And shiver. 

The story here is similar to most other PHC stories - the print run is limited, and they aren't going back to press.  There may be another SM Noir in hardcover form, but it won't have that trademark gold box on it, and that makes all the difference for a true collector. 

Condition is key here.  What you're looking for a nice sealed copy to deal for around $60 or more.  Gently used copies are trading for 1/3 of that, so be aware when you make your purchase. 

Fantastic Four Visonaries: John Byrne Volume 2
Marvel Comics
ISBN:  0785114645
SRP:  $24.99

What is it about second volumes that makes them pop?  I can think of thirty examples where the best book in a series is the second one.  Weird.  At any rate, this one is a little dodgy for a couple of reasons.  Marvel doesn't have many "evergreen" runs, but Byrne's work on FF qualifies.  And while that means demand, which is good, it also means that Marvel should probably recognize that it needs to go back to press some day.  Of course when they do go back to press, your profit will instantly evaporate.

And the second dodgy part of the equation is that the profit margin isn't exactly epic.  It's trading for around the $40 mark, so if you're paying $25 at full retail you aren't making much.  This is a great find at Half Price or in the 50% off bin at your local comic convention, though.

- Ryan


Anonymous said...

I don't hate the player, just the game. I must concur - Spider-Man Noir is a great pulpy tale with a cool Elseworlds-type take on the Spideyverse. - Miracle Keith

Web Wreckage Stephen said...

Thanks for this. I know that some of those FF Viionaries books are being blown out at one of my LCS's but I dont recall that book being one of them. Worth a second look, though.

Web Wreckage Stephen said...

"Marvel should probably recognize that it needs to go back to press some day. Of course when they do go back to press, your profit will instantly evaporate."

Profit dry up on FF Vol 2 coming soon?: