Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Market Spotlight: Jimmy Palmiotti Edition!

We did a weird show for Chronic Insomnia # 187 that featured none of our regular segmentos, including Market Spotlight.  In case my Market Heads were feeling cheated, here's what would have gone on the show if things had gone normally!

Time Bomb TPB
Radical Comics
Jimmy Palmiotti/Justin Gray/Paul Gulacy
ISBN:  1935417401
Suggested retail = $14.95

So I was listening to the "Listen To Jimmy" podcast ( I guess that means I'm capable of taking direction) and heard Mr. Palmiotti himself observe that the Time Bomb trade was sold out at Amazon.  Hmmmm.

I walked over to Amazon and saw that there were only a couple of books available, all in the $100+ price range.  Now before we go crazy, let's take a breath and assess.  It's incredibly unlikely that anybody is getting that par for that book, particularly when it just hit stands about four minutes ago.  Secondly, Amazon has since offered the book for $8.27, but with the kiss of death phrase "usually ships within 6-8 days".

Given the recent release date, it's probably that Amazon does have a line on more copies, which would (at least temporarily) kill the secondary action on the book.  But I've seen many, many examples where Amazon thought it had copies of items and it could not have been more wrong.

Frankly Radical hasn't been around long enough for me to have a read on how good they are at keeping things in print and distributing them properly.  It's possible that they'll instantly recognize the trickle demand and keep up.  It's also possible that Time Bomb isn't readily available again, ever.

Should that happen, I imagine this is an easy flip at $40-$50.  Basically what I'm saying is that I don't think it makes sense to back up the truck on this, (assuming you could ever locate a truckful) but it wouldn't be a bad idea to tuck a copy away if you found one, even at full retail.  Worse case scenario?  You have a really fun story about soldiers travelling in time to shoot Nazis in the face.  You could certainly do worse.

Secret Six:  Six Degrees of Devastation TPB
DC Comics
Gail Simone/Brad Walker/Jimmy Palmiotti
ISBN:  140121231x
Suggested retail = $14.99

Friend of the show Nick pointed out to me that this Secret Six trade just went kaboom.  Which is weird to me, because I just looked at this book on Amazon less than a week ago recommending it to another listener.  There was no such activity then, but now there are only a half dozen copies available, and the minimum it takes right now is about $80.

I've actually been waiting for this for some time, because Secret Six is exceptionally underrated, and once a person is exposed to the title, I can't imagine that they wouldn't backtrack immediately to get everything.  So a Secret Six TPB spike was pretty much inevitable.

In a weird piece of Joycian synchronicity, Six Degrees of Devastation was inked by Jimmy Palmiotti.  Everything he touches is turning to secondary gold, I guess.  Which is fine.  I like buying as many of these as you can for retail or less.  This one should have some legs, because I don't see DC being aware enough to reprint this for some time.

Butcher Baker: The Righteous Maker # 1
Image Comics
Script:     Joe Casey
Pencils:   Mike Huddleston
Suggested retail = $2.99

Last week's Chronic Buzz Book was clearly under ordered, because demand is outstripping supply significantly.  Butcher Baker has been commanding $15-$20 on eBay for the past couple of days, usually on "Buy-It-Nows".

Not a bad idea to grab a couple of these if your LCS was prescient enough to order some copies.  Eventually the second print hits, and then the trade, and at that point your profit window is likely killed.  If this becomes some kind of legend, (and it might) selling now is a mistake.  This is just a different kind of book.  What Joe Casey has done here is surgically graft a set of rhinoceros balls on a honey badger, dropped some tabasco in its eyes, and then stapled a clown wig on its head before he released it on your face.

I'd for sure keep one for your collection, because the story is worth it.  Then I'd play the odds and flip whatever else I could as soon as possible. 

I'm not sure what any of this has to do with Jimmy Palmiotti, but I bet he had beers with Casey at some point or something like that.  Close enough!


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