Monday, September 6, 2010

Chronic News: Vulcan in X-Men First Class movie?

I sold a copy of X-Men: Emperor Vulcan today, which ordinarily would not be news. In this case the buyer was interesting to me - I sent it to X-Men First Class c/o Joe Naftalin at Pinewood Studios.

Naftalin is Assistant to one Paul Webster, producer of X-Men First Class. They're shooting the film at Pinewood right now.

Of course there's a billion different reasons why Joe Naftalin might want this book. For all I know, he just got interested in the characters and is looking for a little light reading.

But I think it's more likely that Paul Webster said "Joe, get me a copy of this thing for reference." So what's in it?

It's a Big Boom space battle book featuring some bad blood between Summers siblings Vulcan and Havok. Vulcan is running the Shi'Ar, and Havok has taken over the Starjammers. I can't see the interest stemming from the setting - it just doesn't seem likely that a "back to the roots" film will end up in space. It might make sense if they were planning on doing some Summers brothers madness, particularly if they were planning on adding Vulcan to the mix, though.

As it stands right now, IMDB does list Havok as a character appearing in the movie, played by Lucas Till. No mention of Vulcan anywhere. Could it be that the script is shifting on the fly to incorporate the character? Enquiring minds will want to know.

As for me, I don't care about any of that. I'm seeing the film one way or another, and I'd rather be surprised. The juice for me is the knowledge that somewhere out there, my book will be on the set as they film this thing....

- Ryan

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