Thursday, January 7, 2010

Now batting for the White Sox: Dan Slott!

OK, so I finally figured out what Mike was getting at last night with the whole "Didn't Dan Slott used to play for the Chicago White Sox" bit on episode # 122. Inside of Quincy's addled brain was a vague recollection of journeyman catcher Don Slaught:

He was never a huge force in big league baseball, but surely he did better than bad ass comic book writer Dan Slott would:

Hey. Dan Slott can write the shit out of a She-Hulk comic, but on the baseball team...he's the equipment manager. And the guy you ask when you want to know where the Cold Stone Creamery is.

- Ryan


Slott said...

The Cold Stone Creamery? Two blocks, turn right at the WaWa, you can't miss it. :)

Chronic Insomnia said...

Thus proving that while he may not play for the White Sox, Dan Slott is absolutely a good sport...

Mike McLarty said...

Holy hell! First Rich Johnston and now Dan Slott?

You boys are big time! I'll be able to say that I 'knew you then.'

Hey, can I ride your coat tails? (Y/N)

--- Irish Mike