Monday, August 31, 2009

Zero Killer #4 Was It Worth The Wait?

To say that it's been a while since this comic came out last would be and understatement. I have been waiting for this book for over a year. I finally got it this last week and I wanted to find out if it was worth the wait.

For those of you who don't know anything about this book, and I don't blame you since it's been on hiatus for the past year or so, here is all you need to know.

It's been 34 years since a nuclear war destroyed the world. Zero lives in New York as a "Trash Man", hunting down renegade gang members and just trying to survive the rival gangs living throughout the cities skyscrapers. Zero also dreams of building a boat and escaping the underwater city to the mythical land of Africa, which rumors say has been spared from the nuclear fires.

In this fourth installment, Zero is hired to find a briefcase which was lost in New York (remind you of the "Escape from New York" premise, yeah me too), so Zero takes the job and has to sneak into a rival gangs skyscraper and steal this briefcase. What's in the briefcase you might ask, well read the damn book and find out. I am not going to spoil everything for everyone. Bottom line is that, even after over a year, I jumped right back into this book and was sucked in like a magnet.

It's not the greatest story every told, it's not going to win any awards, but it's a fun book with some delightfully gory segments and interesting ideas. The artwork is grainy and monotone and to me symbolizes the radiation and fallout left after a nuclear storm. I think the book looks great. The writing is decent and the idea, if not fresh, is at least somewhat fresh for the comic book market. Over all I enjoyed this book. Was it worth the wait, well probably not, but I'm glad it's back.

Artwork 4.5
Story 3

It's a decent book, good luck finding the back issues on this bitch though. The print run is smaller than my high school newspaper was. But if you can find it, and find it cheap, give it try, or just wait until the trade comes out and gobble it up then.


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Anonymous said...

I think it was worth the wait. The writer had it done years ago. It was the artist who could not finish it in time. I think Arvid Nelson and Matt Camp do a great job, and I love Dawn's Early Light.