Friday, December 19, 2008

Remember these?

Ye Olde Shinders Bag

Ah, yes. A little something nostalgic for the yuletide season. For those of you who were comic collectors in Minnesota from 40AD-2007, Shinders was a big part of your life.

Just the sight of these makes me happy, remembering all of those Wednesday treasures that were hidden inside. Back when you could buy a copy of Amazing Spider-Man, hand the guy (or goth chick) a dollar and RECEIVE CHANGE. Can you even imagine such a time?

Here's to you, Shinders. You were fully decked out in 4 color goodness, laced with baseball cards, trimmed in porn. You were Mecca without all the discipline and death. You were ours and we loved you with the strength of a child's heart.

And then came the inevitable sale and the not-so-inevitable cocaine use. Thanks, buddy. Thanks for flushing away an institution of Wonders with your white powdered moustache and paranoid delusions of grandeur. It's all gone, now.

Except for this bag, which I bring to you digitally in fond remembrance. Recall the past, cling to the warmth and let it grow a seed to bring forth a new Shinders for a new age. Or something.

- Ryan

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