Wednesday, October 29, 2008

That Pain Down There? The Price of Your Comic

On our last show we talked about Rich Johnston's research into the price of comic books as compared to the rate of U.S. inflation. He took the going rate for a copy of Amazing Spider-Man for the past 30 years and demonstrates conclusively that our current funnybooks are a LOT more pricey than they used to be.

Has the quality improved? Sure, I'll say dramatically. I'd say the two most significant changes are in the quality of the paper and the coloring. And while paper costs have risen, the cost of technology goes down as it's integrated. I think looking at the chart it's probably reasonable to be charging $2.00 for a comic book. We're looking at paying DOUBLE that.

Click here to look at the chart under the heading "How Bucking Much?"

- Ryan

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Tom said...

So I don't know where to post this exactly, so I will hijack this post...

Laughed my ass off about Ryan going off a bit about people reading comics while standing in front of the frickin rack...I listened to the podcast Wednesday evening...right before listening to it, Pam and I swung by The Source and looked for "Night Witches" (The one the Nick was talking about). On the way to the store I was talking about how we are going to run into these idiots who read the comics right in front of the rack...

Sure enough there was three guys smack dab right in front of the rack...reading away...I mean c'mon...the library is down the road you dolts. Get the hell away from the rack so I can get my books...and sure enough I could not find the book. I was about to leave when the guy asks..."You guys need help." Now you already know my feeling about the comic knowledge and The Source...if not I will tell you another time. But I figure what the Hell. "Yeah I am looking for Night Witches, but I could not find it...then the guy exclaims, "Oh it is right here!"...and walks over and pulls the book down, from where do you ask...right in front of one of those idiots that are reading their books in front of the rack.

So yeah Ry...I totally agree.

Oh and I will take you up on that Tick offer...see what you can find and I will get you back. Or we can sit down sometime here and take a look.

Good job on the to you later (maybe I should have emailed this, kind of long winded)...