Thursday, May 8, 2008

Who controls Gemini?

I have been waiting for this comic to come out since I started reading Dynamo 5. I really like Faerber as a storyteller and in this comic he doesn't disappoint. The dialog is pretty good and it's filled with intrigue and mystery. The artwork reminds me of Xombie reanimated but it doesn't detract from the storyline at all.

The first issue leaves a few unanswered questions so I can't get into much detail cause I don't really know a lot of them. From what I gathered a team of individuals actually activate and control a powerful super-hero named Gemini. It seems to be a hypnotic suggestion cause they constantly elude to him not remembering what he does during the night. One of the controllers, named 91, is assigned to controlling and watching Gemini. She has some new ideas on how to do this apparently.

Up until the point of the story in the comic we find out they only do nocturnal operations. However on this day there is a big mid-day scuffle that Gemini is needed for. With that he is activated while at lunch from his normal cubicle day to day job. He enters the fight and ends up saving a few other super-heroes that he apparently knows. One named Venture and another which is a very attractive female super which we don't quite get the name of. At least not that I can remember, I was too busy looking at her ass.

This unnamed female hero ends up hitting on Gemini big time and he seems to have no idea how to respond to her. He seems to be a in virgin territory when talking to women. I like this part of the story, it gives the character some realism. There are a few moments of comedy during this part where the controllers, who see through his eyes, get a close up vision of the womans breasts as Gemini stares at them. It's a good moment and adds levity to the situation that is about to transpire.

SPOILER ALERT! Don't read past this point if you want to read the comic and be surprised.

After saving his fellow Supers from a big mid-day battle, 91 is ordered to deactivate Gemini. She decides to watch him for a while instead. Gemini finds a small crime happening in an alleyway below the building he is standing on. Gemini goes down to stop the woman from being assaulted by this huge brute of a guy. As he pulls the giant man from the girl/woman he doesn't notice the large woman with the shotgun come out of a door in the alleyway. She is just trying to stop Gemini from hurting the man and 91 just wants to see what will happen is she lets Gemini do his own thing without controlling him.

That's a bad plan cause while she watches Gemini she sees a bright white light and the screen goes to static. As the reader of the comic we get to see that Gemini has just gotten his head blown off with the shotgun. So much for the star of the comic being alive? What the heck are they going to do now? It's a pretty shocking ending to this comic. I LOVED IT!

Artwork - 2.5 stars. It's an interesting look and definitely doesn't detract from the comic itself. I actually liked it after the tenth page or so and didn't even notice it.

Storyline - 4 stars. This isn't Thoreau or anything, but I think it's worth a read. Go out and grab it, at least it's not Marvel or DC. Amen brother!


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